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handprintToddlin’ Time is a whole lot more than a parent child playgym, or a preschool playgym, it’s a meeting place for parents and children alike.   A parent child playgym where friendships can be made for yourself and your little one. Our chosen play equipment and unique learning activities allow the parent and child to explore and discover a challenging and playful environment, encourages physical and social interaction, and helps the child develop exciting new skills. Toddlin’ Time was created as a place for parent and child to enjoy the world of learning through play together.

Phandprinticture this:   A large room filled with music, bright parachutes, colorful play equipment, shrieking children tumbling over huge foam filled blocks, sliding down slides, playing hide and seek inside of tunnels and bouncing on miniature trampolines. If you can create this image in your mind, then you’re about to enter Toddlin’ Time,and “A Whole New Way to Play!”

handprintFollow this Toddlin Time Scoop Blog and you will find all kinds of  information from Safety Tips, Parenting Tips, Indoor Fun, Holidays Ideas, and many more.  Be sure to check them all out.  There is a lot of information out there, so let us know what type of articles you like the best, and we will keep them coming.

handprintIf you would like to come try out a class, let us know by phone at: 703-577-9522 or by e-mail @ info@toddlintimeofmanassas.com, or check us out at www.toddlintimeofmanassas.com


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